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Our Dogs

In this section you can find out about the HectorKirk dogs - our bitches, our dogs, those at stud and all of their pedigree information. We also occasionally have litters available and all information will be posted here. We have also outlined our breeding ethos, health screening and feeding information below.

Gundog Breeding

Our purpose is to breed top quality, health tested, gundog puppies which are fit for purpose, showing intelligence, natural game finding abilities and superb temperaments. We do our up most to prevent inherited diseases in future generations.

Our dogs are chosen for temperament, trainability and game finding ability... It is no good having the best trained dog if he cannot find his dinner!

We personally like following lineage in pedigrees, which we find very important, as little quirks do breed on - as Harvey found when he used to breed working terriers.

A lot of research is given to possible stud dogs that we use on our bitches. Please take a look at our 'Proud to have Bred' page.

Health Screening

HectorKirk Gundogs was probably one of the first working / breeding kennel in the U.K to have all its working breeding dogs DNA tested for all of the following genetic conditions:

  • PRA  Progressive Retinal Atrophy

  • CNM Centronuclear Myopathy

  • EIC Exercise Induced Collapse

  • SD2 Dwarfism / Skeletal Dysplasia

Please view Labokin website for more information


The above tests are in addition to the following:

  • BVA / KC (British veterinary association / Kennel Club health screening schemes)

  • BVA / KC Eye testing

  • Hip Dysplasia Screening

  • Elbow Dysplasia Screening


For more information visit

Feeding Recommendations 

All our dogs and litters are fed on various WuffitMix products from weaning onwards. Not only is the food healthy and 100% nutritionally complete, it's affordable, which is a definite must when owning several dogs!

With such a wide range of products available, including wheat gluten and grain free options, there is something to suit all our dogs, whatever their energy requirement or life stage. The working dog range really gives our dogs that added drive and stamina through the season.

For more information about WuffitMix, to order your free sample or to buy online, please visit the website by clicking the logo below or alternatively contact Hannah or Holly by email at or by phone on 01200 420222.

For 10% OFF when buying WuffitMix products online, use promo code HECTORKIRK10 at the checkout.

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