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We pride ourselves in producing quality puppies and we have a purpose built thermo whelping unit from Premier Kennels as used and recommended by The Kennel Club.

This is an insulated unit that keeps pups to a set temperature; cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. These state of the art units are used at Crufts, The Kennel Club, Norfolk Police and by the British Transport Police. Our pups thrive in the excellent environment provided to them, where they are well socialised and reared on the best feed.

We have sent young dogs to clients in the USA, Denmark, Holland, Austria and Ireland in the past with great results in Denmark, as we bred the 2017 Danish Championship winner right here in Yorkshire!

We do have a waiting list for pups, so if you are interested in purchasing a puppy please get in touch or join our mailing list below, so we can advise you further.

Join Our Puppy Waiting List!

We will keep you updated of upcoming matings and litters.

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